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it takes time, attention and a little 90s hip hop to create this chai.

“I was talking to my friends about this amazing Rosemary pepper steak I had a couple days ago. It was so simple yet so delicious. Then I was like - Hmm what would Rosemary taste like in Chai. After a few weeks of trying various, combinations, Rosebud was born.”

- Chai Daddy


Our Story

artisans of chai

Samay is a Bay Area based Artisan Chai company. Our Chai, the cornerstone of an experience that blends food, culture, rituals and traditions across borders, is carefully hand-crafted by our Chai Master (we like to call him Chai Daddy) and made fresh using brewing techniques rooted in traditional India.

“What is life if not a string of moments. When I look back, all I remember are little snippets of time. Like the time I spent with family having candle light dinner because we lost power due to rains, or grieving at my father’s funeral or proposing to my wife-to-be. I feel we’re moving so fast that we sometimes forget the importance of slowing down. Samay is the Hindi word for time and my intention behind starting Samay was simple - to enable people to slow down, to notice the nuances life has to offer, to Savor The Moment. “

- Chai Daddy



the Social


Our story is our own and we love to share it with you all. Not just in a spray of content but in the true meaning of sharing; give a portion of (something) to another or others. So, follow us and let us participate in your life. #MOMENTINCHAI for your chance to be shouted out!

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