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artisans of chai


Moments either come to us unexpectedly (some more fun than others) or we create them with intention and purpose. Whether they're in the past, present or the future; we keep them with us along this journey called life. May we learn to honor them, nurture them, and be grateful for them. This is why we created Samay Chai. Today, with a friend, family, or with yourself - we invite you to Savor the Moment.

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savor each sip

We are like you, growing, expanding, and experiencing new and amazing things every day. Whether you come to us for a moment of  emotion, to taste pure deliciousness, or simply moment appreciation, you are welcome. Share your moments with us by tagging #MOMENTINCHAI.

Chai Masters

They are the source of our chai. Constantly pivoting and mastering the craft, each one develops their artisanship of chai-making and infuses every batch with their own unique style and flavor profile.

Origin Story

The best way to understand someone in the present is to know where they have been. Get to know our story and how we came to be - Artisans of Chai. 

Artisan Roots

We see making chai as an art. Each ingredient and the order in which it’s added creates a different note and changes the flavor profile of the chai.



fresh chai

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chai-Time: capsules

Have you ever dreamed of having chai delivered directly to your door? You’re welcome, your dream is now a reality. Every month our Chai Master releases a new menu of made-to-order cylinders of gold. Our capsules are easily shareable for you and others around to enjoy all the notes and flavors. So, have a #CHAIDAYFRIDAY and order your capsule today!

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